Alico – Ecstasy & Apostasy

Alico – Ecstasy & Apostasy

This was the last full length album I made under the band name Alico. After Justin moved to SLC, Alico become nothing more than a solo project for me under that name. Peyton came on board and played drums, and I decided to just be a recording band. Peyton and I put our hearts and souls into making this, just to have it poorly distributed. We jokingly call this “the best album that you’ve never heard”. Fun Fact: I’ve been contacted my a handful of people so that they could use The Waltz as their Father/Daughter Dance song at their wedding. I couldn’t love that more.

Track List
1. The Getaway
2. The Sixteenth Summer
3. Sandals On Stage
4. Lenore
5. Nintendo
6. Nightingale
7. Deliver Me
8. Good Memories of Bad People
9. The White Lodge
10. The Waltz
11. Bad Memories of Good People