Alico – Goodnight California

Alico – Goodnight California EP

This EP was the first official release from Alico. We had a few recordings before this, but due to the theft of our trailer, moving across country, and being young and stupid, most of it was lost. During the transition from MNAC to Alico, Andrew and I moved to Temecula, CA to try out hand with music full time on the West Coast. We picked up Zack to drum, Andrew ended up leaving, but we picked up Justin and Josh Caddy. After talking with Dan Workman, we decided to head back to Houston to have him produce our album. While there, our trailer was stolen along with any hopes of keeping the band together. Justin and I ended up recording this EP alone, through the help of Dan Workman and Producer/Engineer, Mark Townsend. It’s still one of my favorite recordings I’ve ever put out. Fun Fact: the song Blue Eyes Never Lie was easily my largest commercial success. It was played on the radio, and there was even a music video filmed for it by Japanese film producer, Toshi Asaka, that you can still find on YouTube today.

Track List
1. The Red Room
2. Blue Eyes Never Lie
3. The Estranged
4. Wife
5. Aicha