Mark Needs A Chick – 12:34

Mark Needs A Chick – 12:34

This was the final, and most successful MNAC album to date. A lot of great memories surround this album to me. Andrew came on board during this time, and I remember how much he blew Josh and I away at his audition. We only asked that he learn a song, yet he learned a whole set worth. I think after meeting with him we booked a show instantly (which is pretty unheard of). This was the first album that we ever had a real “producer” on (Dan Workman), and what a steep learning curve that ended up being! Up until then, we never used a click track, in-ear monitors, nor really ever sat down and analysed our song structure. Such an amazing time for us.

Track List
1. If I Could Fly
2. An Apology
3. Just How I Feel
4. Carpe Diem
5. When Pianos Weep
6. 12:34
7. Better Day
8. Social Insecurities
9. Quarter and a Dime
10. I Want Your Money
11. It Won’t Work Out
12. Empty Hands
13. Answering Machine