Mark Needs A Chick – All Alone

Mark Needs A Chick – All Alone

This was the first album where Josh Reyna and I really broke out on our own. This entire album was recorded just the two of us. It also marked the first album we made with Producer/Engineer Dan Workman at Sugarhill Studios. This ended up being something really magical. We had almost no budget, no real time in the studio, speed mixed, and I’m not even sure if this was mastered. Regardless, I love this album and how it came out. Fun Fact: the cover was supposed to be Black, but at the last second Josh changed it to Yellow and didn’t tell me until it showed up and I saw for myself and freaked out.

Track List
1. Stay
2. Moving On
3. Josie
4. Venus Swimwear
5. All Alone
6. Shy Vs. Shy
7. This is What I See, This is What I Say
8. Beautiful
9. I
10. My Therapy