Mark Needs A Chick – The New Action Hero

Mark Needs A Chick – The New Action Hero

This album was made is the world’s most punk way. We found the cheapest studio, we rushed through all the music in one take, and I was still sick and my voice was shot. At one point during the song “Godly Man”, you can hear where my headphones fell off, yet I still continued to sing while I fumbled to put them back on. It sounds awful for a few beats, but for whatever reason, we didn’t do another take. I still cringe when I hear that part.

Track List
1. I
2. Only Way
3. With / From / At
4. Violence
5. Josie
6. Fast
7. Intro
8. 5 Days
9. Godly Man
10. Midtro
11. Cool Abbey
12. Free
13. Punk Rawk Girl
14. Swimwear